The Charity 2021
A series of four projects that cuts across Community Development, Prison Reform, Sickle-Cell, Cancer , and Mental Health. Project starts 19th of November- Ends December 19th.
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The next generation of innovators geared towards the betterment of the society at large.
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Executives Helping Initiative has visited different schools and orphanage homes with the aim of promoting education, especially at the grassroots, to build the kids who are our future leaders and the next generation.
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Commited to our cause on changing lives

EI has visited over 30 orphanages and over 20 communities in Lagos. EI is known for its continuous charity works and for adding values to different communities and the society at large. Executives initiative is a charitable organization established by a group of young Nigerians (youths) who are dedicated to making a positive impact on their environment and proffer solutions to societal issues by creating awareness and going the extra mile to implement solutions gotten (Dedicated to create lasting impact and solution to pressing issues.

Charity series 2021

Our Upcoming Projects

The Kick Against Sickle Cell Disease.

The Kick Against Sickle Cell Disease.

The Kick Against Sickle Cell Disease is a 3-day Awareness and Advocacy Campaign for Sickle-Cell.
The Community Impact

The Community Impact

The Community Impact is a 4-day community development project set to take place at Mosafejo Town, in Iyana Oworo, Lagos.
The Prison Visitation

The Prison Visitation

The Prison Visitation is a project aimed at catering for the welfare of inmates the welfare of inmates at a prison in Lagos.
The Fundraiser project

The Fundraiser project

The Fundraiser project is aimed at raising funds for Cancer, Sickle-Cell, and Mental Health related projects.
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Charity T-shirts 2021 is out !

The Charity 2021 shirts is available for purchase to both volunteers and non-volunteers. All proceeds from the shirt goes towards the 4 projects. Support the series by getting one in a colour of your choice.


A generation of innovators passionate about changing lives and impacting the society.


We divide and conquer, to achieve our
set goals and targets.


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