Who we are

About EI

Executives Initiative is a charitable organization established by a group of young Nigerians dedicated to making a positive impact on their environment. Its mission is to implement strategic objectives that work to eradicate poverty in Nigeria with the inner-city slums of Lagos as a focal point. This is achieved by organizing community outreach programs, skills acquisition classes and provision of aid anywhere necessary.

The organization has been dedicated to this goal since 2013 with its first projects executed at two well-known orphanages in the Lagos environs. Namely the Bale of mercy at Gbagada, Love Home at Magodo, and Heritage Home at Anthony for two consecutive years. In 2015, we visited the same homes but added two more; Modupe Cole and the Makoko Community. Our previous projects reveal that with each year as the scope of the initiative widened, the number of volunteers also increased.

From about 9 volunteers in 2013 to over 100 volunteers in 2016 to 165 volunteers in 2017. Each year has seen the project succeed and the The progress is glaring and another indicative factor propelling our zeal to do more is that we received lots of items for the kids and communities which made the Charity 2016 a huge success.

Executives Initiative has a team of committed individuals who are passionate about poverty eradication in Nigeria. It also has a strong support base of over two hundred (200) volunteers and affiliate organizations.

Story behind EI

Our Founder's Message

Executives Helping initiative is a place of Growth and impact, we have come to understand that 100 years before you and I came into this world these issues we tackle always existed and 100 years after we leave they will exist. The world needs a group of people to say No, Enough is Enough as well as Collaborate with those who are aligned with our Vision; We would do something about it, we are the Next Generation of Innovators. We are change agents. it is my Hope that whenever someone tells you they volunteer at Executives Helping initiative you see the following qualities in them, Passion, Risk taker, Excellence, Solution oriented, Lone ranger, team player, speed at doing things and consistency. We are living a life impact internally and externally it is who we are. We would make things work always because God is with us